ASSA ABLOY has released a digital lock for commercial glass doors. Shine provides an access control solution for internal glass doors, without the issue of having to drill to allow the locking mechanism to pass through. Shine's attractive touch pad allows users to gain access with a personalised 4 to 12 digit PIN code or RF card key for convenience.

Fully reprogrammable, users can also set up to 20 different codes for separate visitors; this is ideal for providing ease of access to multiple staff. Codes can be quickly and easily changed with use of an administrative code PIN, preventing access to a PIN holder group at any time, without having to inform other users or redistribute keys.

Shines' Magic Mirror function is modern, sleek and aesthetically pleasing, keeping it in line with the design of modern buildings. The keypad numbers illuminate as soon as a user touches the digital door lock, increasing its contemporary feel. The mirror is also practical, allowing users to check behind them when entering the code, which can be useful in high traffic areas. ♦

Distributor: ASSA ABLOY
Contact: 61 3 8574 3888