Dahua Technology has released an affordable Smart Lock, an electronic lock and key system for residential applications. 

The Smart Lock family incorporates 3 models, including the ASL6101, ASL8101 and ASL8112. All models of the family support both password and card to unlock while the ASL8112 supports finger print biometric authentication for higher security applications.

The Smart Lock touchpad can be easily operated by touch and inputting password to wake up the system. All settings can be done by following the voice prompt, even without using the manual. The registration button is on the panel, pressing the button to begin all settings. The sleep mode of the smart lock will start automatically in 15 seconds if without using. The locks support 50-group user's passwords and 50 pieces of IC cards. ASL8112 supports 50 groups of fingerprints.

For the scenarios, ASL8 series is the perfect match of iron gates while ASL6 series goes perfectly with wooden doors.♦

Features include: 

* Smart touchpad- easy operation and quick response, button will never strain. 
* User-friendly design- the best angle for users 
* Privacy password- XXX+123456+XXX,123456 is the password, XXX is random numbers 
* Biological recognition- artificial fingerprint is invalid 
* Auto-lock-the system will disable for 3 minutes if come across invalid password (3x) or invalid card (5x) 
* Durable, yet delicately crafted, Smart Lock has a projected lifespan of 30 years
* Choice of 3 colours.