Google has published a patent it bought last year titled ‘Security Scoring in a Smart-Sensored Home’. The patent relates to security ‘scores’ to audibly alert customers if they are correctly using their security systems.

In addition to a number of smart home features, the Google patent details its Smart Doorknob and Smart Doorbell, the former of which includes a remote-controlled lock. The doorbell recognizes the person at the door, communicates information via registered mobile device and then allows them to remotely unlock the door. 

The patent outlines a process by which if an occupant receives a notice from their smart doorbell that a trusted person is approaching, they can use a mobile device or audible command to unlock the door. Google’s patent includes Smart Entry Detectors for windows and doors. These detectors will send alerts through wireless communications such as ZigBee when windows or doors are open and broken.

But there’s more. Google’s patent also incorporates data sharing between neighbours so that if a burglary takes place across the street, protected houses’ external lights will come on and locks will engage. Last year, after Google's acquisition of Nest Labs, SEN observed that it was unlikely Google would enter the traditional alarm monitoring space. We were wrong. ♦