HIKVISION has released its new super fast f0.95 1/1.8-inch Dark Eye lens. The new 1/1.8-inch lens has flexible focal range adjustable from 7mm at the wide end to 33mm at the long and an extremely fast f-stop, giving an extremely wide aperture for low light applications. 

Dark Eye is designed to enhance the performance of the company’s Darkfighter full body camera and has a resolution rating of 6MP. Hikvision's Tony Lagan said the team was looking forward to showing what Darkfighter could do at SecTech Roadshow in Brisbane May 4, Sydney on May 6, Melbourne on May 11, Adelaide on May 13 and Perth people on May 18. (Register here for free parking!).

"We're proud of Darkfighter's performance and we are excited to see how it performs in the SecTech shootout," Lagan said.♦