NOW happy hour is even happier at SecTech! Bosch Security are giving away one TINYON IP 2000 PIR camera in every state, as well as 2 bar fridges each valued at $429. 

Bosch Tinyon is a neat new release that has just hit the market, and you have the chance to win one simply by dropping your business card into the Bosch barrel on the Bosch stand.

The TINYON IP 2000 PIR offers a cost-effective 2-in-1 security solution designed for small retail businesses and homes. It combines a built-in, passive infrared (PIR) sensor for detecting motion within a 5m range and a 720p HD IP video surveillance camera for easy identification of events or intruders. 

A built-in white light LED ensures high quality images day and night and the microphone and loudspeaker allow for two-way communication. Combine it with new Bosch Solution 2000/3000 panel for a simple video solution with your alarm system.

Store video data in the cloud, on a network video recorder like the DIVAR IP 2000 recording solution from Bosch or on the built-in SD card. Any of these methods provides easy back-up solutions to ensure safe storage of relevant video data. 

You can combine TINYON cameras with a DIVAR IP recorder with built-in Dynamic Transcoding or a VIDEOJET XTC XF Transcoder to gain both smooth live video streaming and instant access to HD images when needed, regardless of available bandwidth. Use it with the free Video Security app on your mobile device for full camera access and control anytime, from anywhere.♦