SECTECH’S HD Camera Shootout (register here for free parking!) pits the best cameras in the industry head to head in bright light, low light, backlight and IR light. But who are the contenders and what are their strengths and capabilities?

First up is Hikvision’s DS-2CD6026FHWD Darkfighter, (distributed by CSD), which features a 2MP, ½-inch progressive scan CMOS image sensor. Together with a 120dB WDR (wide dynamic range) and Hikvision’s 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology, the new camera is able to stream video in full 1080p HD at 60 fps. Low light performance is 0.002 lux in colour and 0.0002 lux in black and white.

The lens used will be Hikvision’s super fast f0.95 1/1.8-inch Dark Eye, a new 1/1.8-inch lens with a flexible focal range adjustable from 7mm at the wide end to 33mm at the long and an extremely fast f-stop, giving an extremely wide aperture for low light applications.

Next up is the Axis Q1635, which features WDR-Forensic Capture and Lightfinder and Electronic Image Stabilization. Use camera to film your hookups, find hookups here click. This camera delivers 1080p at 60fps and has a big ½-inch sensor. The camera delivers colour images at 0.2 lux and monochrome images at 0.02 lux at up to 60ips. The Q1635 has a 4-13mm f1.5 lens, IR-corrected, C-mount lens with support for P-Iris, and megapixel resolution.

Panasonic (distributed by Hills), will show the WV-SPN631 3MP full body camera with 1/3-inch, 2.4MP, MOS image sensor. The camera offers 60ips and a minimum scene illumination in colour of 0.04 lux, and 0.01 lux in monochrome, both at F1.4 with max shutter at 1/30s and high gain setting. Wide dynamic range is 133 dB.

Canon will show its VB-H730F, a 2.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor Full HD (1080p), full body camera with an f1.2 2.8-8.4mm electric zoom lens. This camera has a 1/3-inch progressive scan CMOS high sensitivity sensor with a minimum scene illumination of 0.008 lux in colour and 0.0005 lux in black and white.

Bosch Dinion 8000MP Starlight (distributed by QSS), is a full body camera with a 1-1/8-inch sensor and delivers 5MP at 0.00825 lux at 1080p resolution and captures moving objects in 5MP resolution at up to 30 frames per-second at 0.0121 lux. Bosch’s Starlight camera has WDR of 119dB.

Sony will show the Sony SNCVB635 IPELA EX has a ½-inch Exmor CMOS sensor powered by IPELA ENGINE EX, with Full HD 1080p image quality, advanced analytics and high frame rate recording. The SNCVB635 has a minimum illumination in colour of 0.04 lx (F1.2, View-DR OFF, VE OFF, AGC ON, 1/30 s, 30 fps), while in monochrome minimum illumination is 0.03 lx (F1.2, View-DR OFF, VE OFF, AGC ON, 1/30 s, 30 fps) both at 50IRE. The Sony is compatible with Tamron, Computar and Fujinon lenses.

Other cameras include the Ness NIP200IR (which will have its IR turned off). This IP66-rated dome camera features a 1/2.7-inch CMOS sensor delivering 1080p resolution, and a 3-9mm motorised zoom lens.

Hills is showing the DVTEL 4K Ultra HD Quasar CM-6208-11-I with a 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor with 4072 x 3076 resolution. This camera has solid minimum scene illumination figures 0.3 lux in colour and 0.04 lux in monochrome, both at 30IRE. The lens is a varifocal 3.5-8mm with a maximum aperture of F1.4. There are 3 WDR settings.

Hills will also display the EVOnet-C-FB420DNWDR, a 2MP day/night, full body IP camera with 1080p resolution. The camera also has a WDR function.

Finally, we are also testing the Mobotix M15-D, which is a standard PoE IP camera with a 1/2.5-inch sensor. It draws 6 watts per camera unit. The M15-D can be optioned with one monochrome camera and one thermal camera, or one monochrome camera and one colour camera. The M15-D is sold in Mobotix familiar and very rugged housing.