WELCOME to SecTech Roadshow Perth! SecTech Roadshow, the SecTech HD Camera Shootout and Security and Home Automation session opens today at 12 noon at the Hyatt Regency, 99 Adelaide St, Perth.

We look forward to sharing the latest electronic security solutiuons, the revelations of the HD camera Shootout (2pm and 4pm), the security and home automation session (1pm), along with SecTech's free happy hour and a half, which kicks off at 4.30pm and runs till 6pm and includes an amazing (and it really is bloody amazing) prize draw, which includes cool stuff like bar fridges, high end electronic security equipment from multiple manufacturers, a quality Canon DLSR camera and an Apple Watch. But you have to be there at the draw to win the prizes!

SecTech Perth – pre-show setup images  

See you in Perth!