WITH the release of its new range of 6MP night sensor modules, Mobotix cameras are now able to deliver higher-quality images on full moon nights (illumination of approx. 0.25 lux) without any additional lighting and are suitable for applications with illumination levels below 5 lux.

The new Mobotix 6MP image sensors feature even better light sensitivity, making these the best Mobotix cameras and IP systems ever. In addition to standard 4:3 image formats with maximised 5MP resolution, this new technology now supports images with up to 6MP in the special 3:2 format (3072 × 2048 pixels), both as a day and night sensor module. 

In dual image display mode, a Mobotix 6MP dual camera can generate images up to 12MP in size.

Distributor: Hills PACOM and Hills DAS 
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