VIVOTEK has launched the worlds smallest recessed mount fixed dome network camera, the FD816C-HF2, with a diameter of just 60mm. Despite its tiny size, the camera features 109-degree horizontal field of view and 30fps at 2MP resolution. 

Along with 70-degree tilt-lens adjustment, the FD816C-HF2 achieves coverage of indoor areas superior to that of an ordinary network camera. 

WDR Pro allows the camera to maintain optimal image quality under high-contrast lighting and enhancing viewing capability, 3D Noise Reduction technology enables the camera to capture clear video in low-light.

To intelligently allocate bandwidth, the FD816C-HF2 also features Smart Stream Technology, which works to optimize resolution for a desired object or area and thus to maximize bandwidth usage. 

Finally, enabling the most flexible installation, users can choose either a recessed mount or optional pendant mount installation (coming soon) in order to optimize the mounting configuration.

Distributor: Hills 
Contact: 1800 685 487