Western Australia Police has gone to tender seeking a solution that will connect disparate CCTV systems at multiple WA Police sites across Australia’s largest state for centralised management. The tender closes November 11.

The move comes at the same time the NSW Police Association has called for an upgrade to police station security after the murder of NSW Police admin worker Curtis Cheng outside Parramatta Station by 15-year-old Islamist, Farhad Jabar.  

“Certainly…there's a very robust risk assessment process and we think that will keep a good balance between police safety and community safety.” NSW Police association vice-president Pat Gooley told Channel 9 recently. 

According to Gooley, risk assessments are being conducted at every police property.

“We've identified a number that require extra security,” he said. “Some of those will include perimeter fencing, some screens, some access control…” ♦