U.S. alarm monitoring centre, My Alarm Center, has launched LivSecure, a security provider focused on DIY-installed equipment along with a professional monitoring service.

My Alarm Center’s president and CEO Amy Kothari told Security Systems News “There is a growing segment of the market that does not want to wait for a professional install, does not want to pay for a professional install, and are comfortable doing it themselves.

“This is a new venture for us, we haven’t sold self-install systems directly to consumers before,” Kothari, said.

LivSecure uses Qolsys equipment and Alarm.com for home connectivity, and Rapid Response for its monitoring. LivSecure offers 3 packages, starting at $34.99 per month for monitoring with a $99 equipment fee, all of which come with fire and CO monitoring devices.

“I’m really a believer in the life safety aspect of home security and home automation,” Kothari told SSN. “The beauty of a self-install product is that it ends up being a self-service product because the customer is more comfortable with their system, so with alternative customer support, we avoid a truck roll and are able to troubleshoot and fix over the phone with the customer.” ♦