A KEY part of the Ness SmartLiving smart control panel family, Alien-G touch screen keypad offers an extra-large 7-inch colour touch screen display and two programmable input/output terminals as well as an-board proximity reader and temperature sensor.

Alien-G connects on the proprietary high-speed SmartLiving bus with full interconnectivity, fast installation and reduced cabling. As a SmartLiving bus device Alien-G can be remotely diagnosed and configured – that makes troubleshooting very smart.

Alien-G’s 7-inch colour touch screen has display brightness and contrast control, transparency adjustment, compact size at 219 x 143 x 34mm, as well as 2 input/output terminals and a USB port for system programming and saving images on the SD card.♦

Distributor: Ness Corporation
Contact: 61 2 8825 9222