TEST and measurement group HBM has expanded its range of optical strain transducers. 

HBM’s FiberSensing optical interrogators and sensors are based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology, which ensures a reliable solution for long-term structural health monitoring. They’re designed for both laboratory testing and field deployment across a range of industries including civil engineering, energy, R&D, aeronautics and gas pipelines.

Key features and benefits include steel-reinforced fibre cables and special strain relief that makes the system ideal for use in harsh environments. It’s able to determine strain, temperature, acceleration, displacement and tilt in components, structures and in environments where conventional technologies have reached their limits and can be used for strains of at least ±2000 µm/m in a temperature range from -40C to 80C making it ideal for highly explosive atmospheres. It’s easy and cheaper to install and is electromagnetically safe. ♦

Distributor: HBM Test & Measurement (Australia)
Contact: 61 2 9889 8070