HIKVISION has announced new thermal cameras which deliver high resolution 640 x 512-pixel thermal video streams in real time and are not impeded by bad weather or darkness. 

Developed in-house, Hikvision’s thermal cameras feature 3 innovative functionalities in image quality enhancement: auto gain control, digital detail enhancement, and 3D digital noise reduction. The AGC adjusts the dynamic range of the image to make the picture retain helpful permeability; DDE based on an algorithm for a region of interest renders more detail in the on-screen image; while 3D DNR minimizes the influence of hot pixels, making images sharper. 

Equipped with onboard video analytics, Hikvision thermal cameras boast a full quiver of Hikvision Smart features, including line crossing detection and intrusion detection for perimeter protection. The Smart Tracking function is also available in Speed Dome model cameras. 

Hikvision thermal cameras are available in single and dual-lens models. The dual-lens models add optical cameras alongside thermal cameras, providing thermal and standard images at the same time. This enables security personnel to better identify target objects with an optical camera head capturing images at up to 1920 x 1080p resolution day and night. 

Thermal imaging is critical in open and expansive areas like borders, coastlines, and forests. They are quite at home in applications such as perimeter patrol, ports and harbors, critical infrastructure, processing and manufacturing plants, and various similar and demanding security environments. Additionally, temperature-anomaly and fire detection effectively help prevent fires, structural hazards, and many other threats to persons and property. ♦