THE Australian Security Industry Awards for Excellence in 2016, along with the Outstanding Security Performance Awards have been judged and scores are being tallied. The awards will be presented at the ASIAL Awards Dinner in Sydney on October 20.

Again this year the judging panel was comprised of a group of experienced technical and security management judges. ASIAL’s Security Industry Awards were considered, with submissions reappraised by the panel before a group assessment was made. Consensus was good and judges were particularly impressed with the categories including best technical security solutions and individual achievements.

When it came to the Outstanding Security Performance Awards – judges allocated scores based on their individual assessments as part of prior reading of submissions and much discussion. The aggregated score sheets of the judging panel will be used to determine the award winners. These awards including outstanding guarding company, outstanding inhouse security manager, outstanding inhouse security team, outstanding security consultant, outstanding security installer, outstanding security partnership and outstanding security training partnership.

According to ASIAL’s John Fleming, the award nominations reflected the best of the Australian security industry.

“Once again this year we had some very worthy winners and I’m looking forward to congratulating them all on October 20 at the ASIAL Awards Dinner," said Fleming.

The Australian Security Awards for Excellence are an opportunity to recognise excellence within the security and acknowledge the significant role security plays in keeping the community safe. Australia’s security landscape has changed significantly in recent years as new threats and challenges have emerged. Increasingly , the private security industry is being called upon to perform a greater role in security services nationally.

The Awards are seen as an opportunity to reflect on key achievements over the last year and recognise the efforts of many of the individual professionals and security organisations who go above the call of duty to provide security services for all Australians. The awards are judged by an independent panel make up of experts from a range of security industries. ♦