AUSTRALIA’S Department of Defence is seeking ICT assistance to facilitate its Cyber Security Strategy 2016 – the development of an internet-connected, unclassified secure environment it will share with the private sector.

The secure yet open online environment will allow the cyber security mission to increase ASD's capacity to identify, analyse and respond to new and emerging cyber threats, increase ASD's capacity to assess government agencies' vulnerabilities, provide technical security advice, and investigate emerging technologies, expand ASD's capacity to provide cyber security services to a wider range of organisations, and enable ASD and the private sector to work more effectively together.

According to the ADoD, the Cyber Security Mission requires a capability for technical users to conduct cyber security activities from an accredited, audited, corporately-sustained protected environment. The capability will enable the cyber security mission to undertake new and existing activities in support of government mandates and Australia's national and economic security objectives. 

These activities include cyber security, and hosting of services for cyber security customers. Technical users require the ability to rapidly spin-up and deploy new capabilities to meet operational requirements in short time frames – agility, adaptability, ease of deployment (including over the internet), and scalability are key attributes in a secure, corporately supported environment. Responses are requested by October 14, 2016.♦