AXIS Communications has introduced 6 new models to its AXIS Q60 PTZ dome network camera series. These new Axis Q60 cameras deliver up to 36x optical zoom and up to 1080p resolution, depending on model.

Cameras in the range include day/night functionality, WDR and a memory card slot. The indoor models all offer two-way audio, audio detection, I/O ports, and 24 V AC/DC power and IP52-rated protection against dust and dripping water. The rugged outdoor models are vandal resistant (IK10 rating) and have IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated protection against dust, rain and snow. They also feature Arctic Temperature Control, which ensures safe start-up at temperatures down to -40C, even after a power failure.

A focus-recall feature, available in AXIS Q6052/-E and AXIS Q6054/-E, provides instant focus in predefined areas, making it easier to use a PTZ camera optimally in challenging light conditions. With focus recall, there is no need to manually focus or wait for the autofocus to adjust, a step that can take several seconds. Focus recall is especially beneficial in scenes with low contrast and point-shaped light sources, for example, strong headlights from oncoming traffic. It is also useful in scenarios that require a lot of manual operation using a joystick. Axis Q6055/-E comes with several built-in Axis video analytic applications.

The new cameras are the first cameras in AXIS Q60 Series to offer Zipstream, a H.264 compatible compression technology that reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50 percent even during camera movements. Zipstream provides control over bandwidth peaks, allows users to preserve more forensic detail where needed and lowers installation and maintenance costs significantly. ♦

Distributor: Axis Communications 
Contact: 61 3 9982 1111