FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 6000/7000 IC from Bosch are discreet, aesthetic cameras that mount flush in a ceiling or wall. The easily painted cover plate blends in with almost all surroundings. There’s 12MP sensor resolution together with a high frame rate of 30 fps. 

An e-PTZ feature provides more detailed images. The built-in video analytics package is robust and intelligent. The intelligence-at-the-edge concept detects, tracks, and analyses objects, and alerts users when predefined alarms are triggered. The cameras offer edge or client-side dewarping for easy integration, situational awareness and simultaneous E-PTZ views in high resolution. 

Typical applications include large retail stores, airports, casinos and warehouses. ♦

Distributor: Bosch Security Systems
Contact: 1 3000 BOSCH (26724)