CSD has been made Aiphone’s national distributor for Australia and Inner Range is working on an integration between its Integriti system and Aiphone intercoms.

It’s a perfect match for CSD, which had no intercom range and for Aiphone, which had only a very little market penetration in the commercial market. According to CSD’s Mark Edwards, Aiphone’s history of manufacturing intercoms in Japan goes back 70 years to 1948 and the company manufactures a huge catalogue of quality intercoms.

“We will carry a complete Aiphone intercom range from entry level residential systems, stepping up to residential/commercial systems, apartment systems able to handle 500 apartments and 16 entries, and finally big commercial systems that reside on IP networks in applications like carparks, hospitals, major sites,” Edwards said.

“Because Aiphone has never had a suitable integration with an access control solution they’ve not had access to those high end markets in Australia but with the Integriti integration that’s changed. Equally, from a CSD perspective, we can now offer a more complete integration, including access control, security, surveillance and intercoms.”

According to Peter Grimshaw, CSD’s technical team has completed its training and the sales and support team is across the Aiphone range and standing ready to take enquiries and undertake quotes.

“We have a wide product spread of products but had not developed a strategy for this part of the market,” Grimshaw said. “CSD has now made a firm commercial decision that we are going to be a serious player in intercom. Many of our customers currently installing intercom solutions buy their alarms, access control and CCTV equipment from us. It makes sense to offer these customers a quality intercom range as well.”

Aiphone Australia managing director Roy Torii said the partnership with CSD will allow Aiphone to become a lot stronger in the commercial market in Australia, which is one of the company’s primary focuses.

“CSD concentrates on introducing quality brands to the market and with the high level integration of our commercial IP based intercom system with Inner Range’s well-known Integriti solution, CSD can now provide a complete turnkey solution for commercial sites incorporating security, access control, CCTV and now intercoms,” Torii said.

Stock hits the shelves at CSD on October 3. ♦