Q SECURITY Systems business is growing at a median rate of 30 per cent after a significant restructure and CEO Rob Rosa says he sees continuing strong growth, particularly in the video side of the business, and notably IVA. 

“Without going into specific numbers, we have seen strong year-on-year growth with our current monthly growth ranging from 20-40 per cent on LYTD figures,” Rosa said. “We are very happy with the way the QSS business is growing and we’re pleased that the significant changes that have been implemented are starting to take effect.”  

QSS has undergone significant changes over the last 12-18 months, with restructuring to ensure its business model is sustainable and able to meet shifting market demands. 

“There has been a significant emphasis on branch-based sales and removing the non-revenue generating administrative services from branches to ensure that these distractions are a head office function,” Rosa said. “Branch service and sales reflects the true national footprint of QSS. 

“Another area we have been working hard on is inventory management and what correct inventory levels are maintained at each branch and H/O. Being a technology company, this area is one that cannot be overlooked or forgotten, especially with technology moving so quickly. The speed of change means an inventory quickly becomes obsolete due to new product releases. Finding the right balance is vital.”

Rosa said that while QSS had considerable capabilities in the intrusion and access control side of its product line-up, the current growth engine of the business is video surveillance.

“At the moment all the real changes in technology for QSS appear to be video-based solutions that interface into the access and intrusion to offer an end-to-end solution,” he said. “Bosch intrusion and video for example, as well as FLIR, NUUO and Dahua, continue to be a very strong area of growth for QSS.”
Rosa rejects the current push and shove in the distribution market, pointing to the stability of the QSS product spread as a key to its ongoing success. 

“From QSS’s perspective, our success is in the stability of relationships with our key vendors and also our clients,” he said. “We see that the loyalty between our key partners from a product perspective is the leading factor for stabilization and as long as a product is providing the right performance at the right cost base, then client demand will be there. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the value add services that other distributors talk about but so often do not provide. Relationship, trust and a mutual respect between product partners is imperative to long term stability and growth for both parties.”  
What is QSS planning – can you give the market a tease – a new product type, or breakthrough product, solution or service you have in the wings?

“I will say that we are working on introducing some exciting new products in intrusion and also the video space,” Rosa said. “Analytics continues to gain momentum, as does thermal. I can’t give too much away in terms of what we plan for the remainder of 2016 and into 2017, however, it is very appropriate to say watch this space, given QSS is developing some customised products with our key manufacturers to deliver some strong tailored to the Australian security space. Keep an eye out for the intrusion announcement heading your way!” ♦