FLIR Systems has reached a definitive asset purchase agreement to acquire the business of Point Grey Research, a developer of machine vision cameras, for approximately $US253 million in cash.

Canada-based Point Grey develops advanced visible imaging cameras and solutions that are used in industrial automation systems, medical diagnostic equipment, people counting systems, intelligent traffic systems, military and defense products and advanced mapping systems. The business will become FLIR’s Integrated Imaging Solutions line of business operating within the OEM and Emerging segment.

Point Grey will augment FLIR’s existing OEM cores and components business by adding a broad range of visible spectrum machine vision cameras and solutions. FLIR’s thermal sensor technology, with its ability to remotely measure temperature, see through factory obscurants such as smoke and steam, and accurately detect and characterize human activity in retail settings, will further extend Point Grey’s product range into new application spaces.

“We’re excited to add the broad range of innovative products from Point Grey to FLIR as together we have a unique capability to create advanced sensing solutions for the broad machine vision market,” says Andy Teich, president and CEO of FLIR. “Thermal imaging technology provides vision systems customers an alternative imaging spectrum that offers a rich, largely untapped layer of information that can be further leveraged.

Teich says Point Grey’s global presence and credibility in industrial vision systems provides a strong platform for FLIR to integrate its leading thermal technology. ♦