GOLD Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation has issued a tender seeking the provision of drones to enhance security and safety of the Commonwealth Games.

According to GOLDOC, planning for the design and implementation of an overall security solution for CG2018 includes a range of strategies to source and deploy Tier One security personnel, physical security equipment and surveillance technologies. 

Surveillance requirements include the provision of remote piloted aerial systems (drones) and associated services to enhance the security of the CG2018.
In the request for tender, GOLDOC pointed out it was not the purpose of this document to restrict the type of system being considered, and the term RPAS is used to encompass any type of similar system.

Systems that will be considered can fall into different categories such as:

* Fixed-Wing
* Conventional Rotary
* Multicopters
* Lighter than air airships (LTAs).

The tender closes December 19, 2016. ♦