SOON to be released, Inner Range’s IR-996008 is an Inovonics RF LAN module compatible both the Integriti and Inceptions systems. 

Designed to act as a gateway between the Inovonics EchoStream one-way security transmitter and the Integriti and Inception systems, the RF LAN module allows exciting and innovative wireless solutions to be built utilising the Inner Range’s multi-award winning Integriti and Inception platforms. 

Additionally, the product feature set includes a supervised connection between the receiver and the Integriti/Inception platforms with the ability to have up to 99 modules on the LAN each with 32 wireless zones and wireless Inovonics EchoStream user pendants only limited by Integriti’s user licencing. 

The Inovonics module is available from CSD Nationally 1300-319-499 or ♦