SECTECH Roadshow’s Panel Session Securing Networked Security Devices boots up at 11am this Thursday, May 4! Attendees should get to Randwick Racecourse a little before 11am (pre-register here!) – the Panel Session room is beside the Expo.

SecTech’s seminar is built around a panel of experts which will discuss risk and present layered mechanisms to prevent, deter and detect attacks on networked electronic security solutions. 

From app-based mobile management of access control, security and automation solutions, to cloud-based alarm systems and networked video surveillance, this is a deep and complex area. Installers and end users seeking mitigation of risk shouldn’t miss it!

As well as questions from the floor, the Panel Session will consider:

Q: What are the greatest vulnerabilities of networked security devices?

Q: What do you think is the single most important thing installers and integrators can do to ensure their customer’s networked security solutions remain secure? 

Q: Passwords are more complex than people imagine, aren’t they? Is password management just as vital?

Q: Is setting up a VLAN a relatively simple process? What’s involved?

Q: What’s the process of blocking an IP address that makes multiple attempts to breach a password?

Q: Can security devices still be secure when installed outside a subnet? 

Q: SSL – why is secure sockets layer so important for many networked security devices?

Q: What’s the best way to defend network ports from scanning and attempted breaches?

Q: How would you set up a mobile device that was authorised to manage an electronic security solution?

Pre-register here now and don't miss out! ♦