CCTV test target Norman says he’s nervous about SecTech Roadshow’s PTZ shootout at Randwick Racecourse tomorrow (pre-register here!) 

According to Norman, there are a number of factors worrying him – the size of the site, the weight of the PTZs, some of which will be pendant-mounted to untested structures, as well as the best way to coherently test PTZs with so much power. 

“It’s enough to make my head spin 360 degrees per second,” Norman said. “No one has ever tested so many PTZs from such quality manufacturers before – Uniview, Bosch, Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, Honeywell, Samsung, Pelco, Panasonic, Sony, Vivotek.  

“The only thing that bothers me more than the process of finding out which of these big boppers is going to prance around the winner’s circle at Randwick is the thought of missing SecTech Camera Shootout!” ♦