CANTERBURY-Bankstown Council is seeking tenders from suitably qualified and experienced tenderers for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of new CCTV system at Civic Precinct, Fetherstone Street and The Apian Way- Bankstown to comply with relevant standards and specifications.

Works under the contract includes the provision of all necessary labour, plants and materials to undertake the works specified as per the attached drawings and specification Version 1.4 dated 9 September 2017 at Civic Precinct, Fetherstone Street and The Apian Way Bankstown and upgrade of the Security Control Room and Building Manager’s Offices located at level P1-Civic Tower.

This contract will be in 2 separable portions as follows:

* Civic Precinct (Civic Tower at 66-72 Rickard Road and Paul Keatinge Park) – Bankstown.
* Fetherstone Street and the Appian Way Bankstown.

Refer to attached expected coverage plans, drawings and tender document specification which are separately attached to this document. A full description of the nature and extent of the services required by Council are set out in Section 3 of this Request.

The tender closes on October 10, 2017. ♦