New HCZ-6320 32x box camera from Hanwha

NEW HCZ-6320 from Hanwha Techwin supports up to Full HD resolution at 2MP and boasts a high frame rate of 30 fps and a 32x zoom (4.44 – 142.6 mm).

There’s 120dB of backlight compensation to provide higherprecision in image identification, even in badly lit environments and a defog feature improves image quality and visibility, even on days with fog, yellow dust, or smog.

The HCZ-6320 is capable of stably transmitting 2-megapixel images and audio at a maximum distance of 500 m without delays via coaxial cable, and boasts outstanding compatibility with existing analog cameras to save system replacement costs. It also supports communication controls via RS-485 and COAX connections.

Distributor: EOS Australia Pty Ltd Contact: 02 9749 5888