SIGMA Designs unveiled the new Z-Wave 700 platform at CES 2018, which will deliver an increase in intelligence for the next generation of smart home sensors as well as a big increase in battery life giving up to 10 years.

Z-Wave 700 incorporates SmartStart setup and the S2 framework for improved cybersecurity. The 700 Series is designed to drive battery-powered devices, empowering artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems to utilize sensor data and make smart homes smarter, safer and more connected.

“This is where Z-Wave 700 comes into the picture,” Sigma Designs product marketing manager, Johan Pedersen, told SSI prior to the show. “Z-Wave 700 really enables a totally new generation of sensor based products because of its very long range, very long battery lifetime, it being super-fast and enabling small products to be developed for low cost.”

As more products begin to be powered by batteries, longer battery life will be a necessity. Security integrators will be happy to know that sensors and battery powered devices will soon become the highest volume category of Z-Wave devices.

“Security sensors, if you have a lot of windows in your home with motion sensors, battery life is a big barrier. And if you have to change the battery in all these devices within months or a few years, the 700 Series will make significant improvements here, and enable way more security installs to have battery operated devices. You won’t have to have cables running around through all these sensors,” said Pedersen.

“Z-Wave is the only technology where you know that all products are able to speak to each other. They’re interoperable. No matter whether it’s an old product or a new product. This is not possible with any other technology out there.”

Z-Wave 700 Series Platform Features:

Low power: 700 Series will have best-in-class low power radio performance enabling multiyear battery lifetime and more than 10-year sensor lifetime on a coin-cell.

Long range: 700 Series platform will enable range of more than 300 feet, covering multi-stories in a house and the far end of the yard.

Low cost and fast time to market: 700 Series gets developers started fast with low cost developer kits, tools and readymade certified reference code ensuring minimum time from prototype to certified product.

High performance: ARM-based platform with large memory on the chip and many peripherals, enabling intelligence at the edge with fast energy efficient computation and secure inclusion in less than one second.

Certified interoperable and backwards compatible: Every 700 Series device has the highest level of security with Z-Wave Security 2 (S2) framework and consistent easy install with Z-Wave SmartStart.