Amadeus 8 security management from CSM

AMADEUS 8 is DDS’s next generation access control, alarm monitoring and video supervisor. Amadeus 8 manages a cardholder’s access points and time authorisations as determined by assigned access groups.

Amadeus 8 also improves operator situational awareness by providing actionable information through multiple screens to resolve potential security breaches. Amadeus 8 also supports Suprema BioEntry W2 access terminals (more bio reader types are on the way.

The system utilises a model of the Amadeus-linked Hikvision system to realise a CCTV client that is far from passive. An operator can link any camera to a specific tile on the screen. There’s a hassle-free timesheet report generator for time and attendance. Amadeus 8 uses 26-bit LPR technology to support parking lot access control. A cardholder’s license plate works with the LPR feature to create an alternate cardholder identification platform.

Amadeus 8 only supports MS SQL server version 2008 or higher. The SQL database stores system information and may be installed on any machine accessible to the server PC and client PCs.

Distributor: Consolidated Security Merchants
Contact: 1300 663 904