launches small commercial integrated security solution has launched a new small commercial solution called for Business, a fully integrated, smart security system for SMEs.

The new system combines intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and energy management, controlled through’s app and via browsers and will be exclusively sold, configured and supported by’s authorized service providers.

“There really isn’t anyone who is focused on providing an all-in-one solution to the SMB space,” Anne Ferguson,’s VP of marketing, told SSN. “We felt that it made a lot of sense, and the SMB space is a very untapped market [where] we are in a good position to provide a solution that could help our service-provider partners grow their total addressable market.

“Previously, these systems were reserved for enterprise customers and required integrators to piece together solutions from multiple vendors. Our SMB offering moves the integration work to the cloud, providing a seamless end-to-end experience for users and installers. The solution integrates commercial-grade devices including PoE dome, bullet, and turret cameras, and includes a user interface designed for business users.

“ for Business allows us to easily be able to layer in video surveillance and video that becomes really meaningful to the SMB owner, including meaningful video clips, which can be sent directly to the SMB owner without getting crowded with a lot of stuff that might not be of interest to them,” Ferguson said.

“As we talk about being able to bring these different systems together, we offer the SMB owner the ability to see all of that in one place, so through our app and our website they are able to see what is happening with multiple different locations all with one very easy streamlined view.” for Business gives service providers a highly differentiated offering for SMB customers, delivering value to business owners and generating recurring monthly revenue for the service provider while simplifying installation and ongoing customer service.

According to Dan Kerzner, chief product officer at, the company is bringing the same connected technology that transformed the residential security market to the small commercial space.

“ for Business is engineered to help our service providers bundle cloud services and connected devices into a single solution that solves persistent SMB challenges and delivers an efficient return on investment,” Kerzner said.

Every security system offers professional security monitoring, as well as crash and smash protection, unexpected activity alerts, and’s tamper-resistant dedicated cellular connection. New features and updates are added continuously through’s cloud services platform.