Sony 12MP hemispheric

SONY’S new SNC-HMX70 camera is a discrete, easy to fit IP network camera that delivers an all-round 360-degree hemispheric view, ensuring full situational awareness.

The camera’s fixed lens, high-resolution 12-megapixel image quality and wide 92dB dynamic range assures that crucial image details are captured, even in extremely challenging light conditions. The hemispheric image can be dewarped using VMS software or the camera’s own edge dewarping function that provides three simultaneous views.

As part of Sony Video Security’s partnership with Bosch, the SNC-HMX70 features on-board video analytics, which provides reliable object detection, loitering, object counting, route detection and other features. The camera is suitable for a wide range of indoor surveillance applications including large retail, airports, warehouses and casinos.

Distributor: Bosch Security Systems
Contact: 1300 026 724