Milestone Systems HQ

Milestone Systems’ VMS revenue growth of 21 per cent over 2016, compared to 8 per cent for the overall market, led to the No. 1 Global VMS Provider ranking in the 2018, with global market share of 10.2 per cent, up 9.1 per cent over 2016.

“Milestone Systems had a solid VMS revenue growth of 21 per cent over 2016, which was almost triple that of the market. There is no doubt that our open platform community and partnership business model is the reason for the positive development, and we are proud to be a trusted and reliable partner in the community,” says Lars Thinggaard, president and CEO, Milestone Systems.

“We will keep investing in our partner community, focusing on new technologies within cameras, access control and video analytics. We believe in a future where video will play an even more significant role in understanding data sources from the increasing numbers of devices that connect people and assets.”

Milestone Systems also maintains its number one position in APAC, with a market share of 12.4 per cent, compared to 11.7 per cent the year before.