AMC Manager App is an excellent and highly detailed management tool.

DURING the week LSC’s AMC X864 Kit B arrived at the SEN office for testing – the kit includes the control panel, a touch screen keypad, 3 x Smile 20P pet digital PIRs, a battery and internal and external sirens.

The AMC X864 I have is hardwired but there’s a wireless option – the base unit has 8/64 zones expandable to 16/64 zones and you can stretch things out with zone doubling. There’s also audio support onboard.

Controlling this system is easy using the App AMC MANAGER (iOS / Android) with IP module (which I’m using) and/or a GPRS/3G module. The programming can be made with keypad and/or PC software and in the early stages, I do a bit of both, with assistance from LSC’s David Latimer.

My first impressions of the system are the general ease of installation – powering up and connecting the keypad are easy to handle and once this is done, getting into the system to tweak zones, areas, groups and all the rest, is highly intuitive. There’s a modularity to programming that makes it deceptively simple and a couple of times I catch myself looking for a more complicated way to move back and forward between menus.

Something that stands out immediately is the AMC MANAGER App – it’s a real gem – easy to access and once you’re in, it’s intensely refined. Don’t miss the full review of the AMX X864 in the July issue of SEN!