ISI Rapid Scout now with DroneShield and countermeasures.

Intelligent Security Integration Australia and DroneShield have partnered on Rapid Scout HQ, a vehicle designed for use anywhere traditional CCTV has limited or no coverage, now with an integrated counter drone detect and defeat solution.

RAPID Scout’s latest version will feature a combination of DroneShield’s counterdrone system with ISI’s on-vehicle and electro-optics surveillance system. The companies will exhibit Rapid Scout HQ with counterdrone capability at the Land Forces 2018 exhibition in Adelaide in September 2018.

DroneShield is a public Australian company whose products provide protection from intrusions by commercial/consumer-grade drones to people and critical infrastructure. DroneShield’s products include DroneSentinel (a sensor fusion, multi-method drone detection system), DroneSentry (a combined detection and interdiction system), DroneGun (a handheld rifle-shaped drone-mitigation device), RadarZero (a portable drone detection radar) and DroneCannon (a counter drone jammer).

The earlier version of Rapid ScoutHQ incorporated a vehicle with an advanced surveillance capability, through a combination of a sophisticated mast-mounted CCTV platform on a vehicle. Going forward, Rapid Scout will incorporate a counter drone module containing DroneShield’s RadarZero (portable drone detection radar), RfOne (drone detection via an RF direction finder) and/or DroneCannon (counter drone jammer) modules into the Rapid Scout platform. The resulting product is believed to be a first of its kind, a non-military vehicle with a suite of counter drone multi-sensor detect and defeat solutions.

“We are excited about this partnership and believe our vehicle-based surveillance capabilities combined with DroneShield’s counter drone sector leadership enable this market leading product to meet customer requirements in the counter drone space,” said ISI’s Stephen Bell.