Peter Grimshaw, CSD

CSD is searching for an NSW state manager, has promoted Tony Theissen, and needs to fill 10 full-time positions in the wake of the organisation’s recent acquisition by Anixter.

“Fresh from the completion of the Anixter acquisition, CSD continues to experience strong growth powered by some key product additions to our portfolio and our supportive customer base,” said Peter Grimshaw, general manager – sales & distribution.

“In line with our ‘promote from within’ strategy, we have recently promoted Tony Theissen to the enterprise sales manager – NSW role and are now searching for an experienced NSW state manager to take on the challenge of managing 20 staff, including the sales team and 2 locations.”

“With growth comes promotions and we have recently promoted 3 internal staff into internal account manager roles and 2 others into BDM roles. It is great to see young people progressing through the company when new opportunities are presented. Our culture is such, that we spend a huge amount of time on training and nurturing talent to come through the ranks,” Grimshaw said.

“Right now, I have new opportunities for internal sales staff and external BDM’s in NSW, Victoria and Queensland – in all we have over 10 full time positions we need to fill. We are busier than we have ever been, and this sustained growth has given us the confidence to aggressively add head count.”

Grimshaw said security professionals interested in joining the world’s largest security distribution group should contact [email protected]