Zaki Wazir, Video Security Products

VIDEO Security Products is now distributing Briefcam’s range of Video Synopsis video analytic solutions, which deliver fast searches, reviews and alerts, as well as movement data for multiple applications, enhancing efficiencies and increasing return on investment.

“Briefcam is now an important part of our portfolio,” said Zaki Wazir of Video Security Products. “Briefcam offers cutting edge live and post event video analytics with seamless Milestone integration.

“VSP is all about is allowing customers to get the most value from their Milestone deployment, Wazir said.

“We are always searching for value-add products and solutions that bolt onto Milestone and Briefcam is one of these value-add products. Importantly, like Milestone and Axis, Briefcam is also now owned by the Canon Corporation.” #videosecurityproducts #briefcam