Vesta from CSM.

WHETHER your client is a homeowner or a tenant, living in a flat or a mansion, Vesta wireless security systems are simple to use, affordable and reliable, according to local distributor, CSM.

“Vesta allows users to monitor and manage their home remotely with a smart-device and the internet. Vesta systems are more than just your regular security alarm system, they use quality motion sensors with built-in colour cameras to detect intruders,” said CSM’s Wayne Trethowan.

“If an intruder enters a property, the system doesn’t just sound an alarm, it automatically activates the cameras and takes a series of images, which it then sends directly to the client’s smart device. The Vesta Portal app also allows them to remotely arm and disarm the system, take additional snapshots, check the status of their detectors, as well as viewing a history of events.

“CSM is now distributing this exciting new range of Vesta kits to suit a broad range of applications.”

Distributor: Consolidated Security Merchants
Contact: 1300 663 904