Monique Keatinge, organiser, SAGE.

ENVIROCAM has signed up to exhibit at SAGE 2018, meaning 33 exhibitors and more than 400 attendees are now lined up for SAGE 2018 at the Realm Hotel next Monday November 12, said organiser, Monique Keatinge.

“SAGE, along with the free SAGE ASIS seminars and concurrent ASIS ACT annual dinner to be held at the Canberra Golf Club (all SAGE attendees are invited!), has really struck a chord in the close-knit government security community in Canberra,” Keatinge said.

“SAGE is a great event – it’s the perfect opportunity for security managers, consultants and installers to talk about the different ways the latest security technologies can address vital operational challenges for government and commercial organisations – I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all there next Monday.”

Pre-register here for SAGE and book here for the ASIS ACT Annual Dinner.