Mobotix Move dome camera compatible with Mobotix NAS solution.

MOBOTIX has a new range of NAS storage devices in 2, 4 and 8 bay models which integrate into MxManagmentCentre 2.0.

The NAS’ are equipped with a special MxMC interface software, that can provide central access to all camera recordings in connection with MxMC 2.0 from the decentralised MOBOTIX IoT cameras of the Mx6 series as well as ONVIF-S cameras like the MOVE series.

This is a highly efficient complete solution with secure data storage from a single source, which now allows decentralised and centralised video components to be easily combined. The NAS devices allow for video and audio recordings to be stored or shared on the network without requiring a computer or external device.

Distributor: Central Security Distribution
Contact: 1300 319 499