Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House Trust (SOHT) is planning to upgrade its electronic security with an emphasis on integrating multiple systems to enhance operational efficiencies and seeks market input during its deliberations.

According to SOHT, the team recently reviewed its security systems and capabilities, and is commencing a project to implement significant upgrades to its systems and capabilities. This includes a project to transform isolated security systems into a network of interoperable systems to enhance situational awareness and improve operating efficiencies of SOHT’s Emergency Planning & Response (Security) team.

Sydney Opera House has a complex electronic security solution, which includes access control and intrusion detection, as well as video surveillance, to protect more than 8 million visitors who flock to the site every year. Any security upgrades at Sydney Opera House will reflect the recommendations of the ANZCTC Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism.

The market sounding closes on April 1, 2019. Contact Amin Saskai on 61 2 92507717 or email [email protected] for more information. Ω