Digifort partnering with Seadan.

Seadan Group (Security and Sprint Intercom) has announced a new partnership with VMS developer, Digifort.

This new inclusion to the already extensive Seadan product suite is a perfect fit, according to David Pettigrew, Seadan Group’s CCTV and intercom manager, as the Digifort VMS integrates seamlessly with many of Seadan’s specialist CCTV and security related products.

“We’ve been searching for a quality VMS for some time now,” said Pettigrew. “A pre-requisite was that the system needed to complement our specialised and diverse Dahua CCTV range, our other diverse vendor security products and therefore a truly open platform offering integrated hi-performance solutions with low total cost of ownership was needed.

“Now more than ever, we’re receiving a greater demand for larger scaled and bespoke applications, so with the full Digifort suite of software, we’re confident that we can address most solution thrown at us – regardless of scale. Digifort is really designed to be simple and cost effective with no annual charge, no support fees, free in-version upgrades and a huge list on inclusive advanced features”.

According to Pettigrew, Seadan will be offering Seadan customers the full Digifort suite starting with the video management system, and additional modules such as the Digifort LPR, facial recognition, video synopsis analytics and digifort mobile apps.

“And Digifort’s video content analysis software which takes accuracy to the next level with self-learning and ability to accurately determine between true events and false positives,” he said. “There will soon be working displays highlighting key features of the Digifort suite at Seadan Security and Sprint Intercom outlets around Australia with demonstrations and training on request.”