Vivotek's MS-9390-HV panoramic camera perched on the rail at the SEN office.

VIVOTEK’S MS9390-HV is an affordable panoramic network camera that incorporates a pair of wide-angle lenses, electronic image stitching, and high resolution sensors to deliver an 8MP 180-degree scene.

This is a compact, robust and capable camera with an angle of view that covers our entire street scene from one end to the other with some to spare. Image sensors are 1/2.7-inch progressive scan CMOS with a combined resolution of 4512 x 1728 pixels – that’s just under 8MP. The focal length of each lens is 2.8mm – a nice length for a wide-angle CCTV camera. The lenses have a fast aperture of F1.2, there’s a combined horizontal field of view of 180 degrees and a vertical field of view of 50 degrees. That vertical field of view is higher than usual and translates to more useful performance in the real world.

The camera delivers 30ips, has a minimum scene illumination of 0.05 Lux @ F1.2 in colour and 0.01 Lux @ F1.2 in monochrome – obviously, it’s 0 lux with IR activated. The camera has 120dB of WDR from Vivotek’s WDR Pro technology and there’s day/night functionality, tilt range of 20 per cent, 12x digital zoom with a 4x plug-in, and 20 metres of Smart IR range. That modest IR range is interesting, in that it speaks of designer installation expectations.

My initial feelings during setup were that SEN’s application would be too limiting. However, I found the MS9390 close to perfect for the job – it handled the entire view from one end of the street to the other, leaving nothing out. I was impressed with this camera’s performance – its ability to limit motion blur, the quality of colour rendition in very grey conditions and the strong resolution. All this contributed to my positive response.

But the grand master of this solution is the gigantic angle of view combined with resolution high enough that you can mouse wheel in and out. This combination makes for very pleasing performance and delivers situational awareness of the entire streetscape at a glance.

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