America's Department of Homeland Security seeks enterprise cloud solution.

AMERICA’S Department of Homeland Security has released a request for information seeking full migration to cloud via what the DoHS’s Cloud Steering Group calls “a federated, enterprise-wide strategy for accelerating the modernization and migration of our IT applications and infrastructure…to a hybrid IT, multi-cloud, federated and vendor-neutral approach.”

DHS’ Data Center 2 contract expires in June 2020 and DHS departments including Customs and Border Protection, the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency must all be part of the migration. Currently, DoHS has only 29 of its 596 applications systems in the cloud – this is a huge job.

According the DoHS RFI, it’s critical that the transition occur without an interruption in services and it’s seeking serious detail on “vendor best practices, risk mitigation strategies, lessons learned and methodologies for rapid migration and cutovers from legacy environments with minimal impact to applications.”

DoHS says it is aiming to stike “the right balance between front-end vs. back-end modernization…and front-end investment with modernization via reinvesting incremental savings.”

DoHS has sought information about the dynamic between centrally-managed processes and capabilities that work across all of the agency, versus component and program-led approaches. It also wants information on modernizing and migrating the infrastructure and applications in Data Center 2 to commercial cloud service providers and data centres, including hybrid or private clouds.

Other considerations include the modernization of DoHS’s OneNET WAN, and the transition to an enterprise infrastructure solutions contract.