IPConfigure 's lightweight Orchid running on a tablet.

SENSATEK reports it is now distributing IPConfigure’s video management system in the Australian market – the company supports major installations in the U.S. including a 10,000-camera system for the U.S. Postal Service.

“IPConfigure offers a variety of IP video surveillance solutions which use a browser-based interface while supporting Windows and Linux architectures,” said SensaTek’s Bill Barbagiannakos.

IPConfigure’s Orchid Core was launched in 2014 and quickly became a standard for major quick-serve restaurant chains and national retailers. The solution is lightweight enough to run embedded inside a camera or on a Raspberry Pi device and Orchid has received industry-wide recognition for its flexibility and ease of use.

“In 2016, IPConfigure launched a companion product, Orchid Fusion, which allows multiple installations of Orchid Core to be viewed in and easily managed through a single platform,” Barbagiannakos said. “Also available as a Cloud Service, Orchid Fusion was also quickly adopted across the industry.”

“Thanks to its focus on lightweight software, IPConfigure is an agile developer and its strategically-designed products are highly-compatible and flexible solutions,” Barbagiannakos said.

“All are engineered to an exacting standard and IPConfigure continually seeks to define industry standards for advanced technology while improving the customer experience with respect to safety, security and reliability.”