releases enterprise access control and enterprise video surveillance functionalities.

ENTERPRISE Access Control and Enterprise Live Video are integrated with for Business’ services, accessed and managed through’s single interface and cloud platform. says its enterprise access control and enterprise live video functionality is designed for operation across multiple sites, saving time and improving awareness without compromising security or control. The system allows users to view, group and manage doors, cameras and access schedules for thousands of locations from a single dashboard.

“In launching for Business last year, we focused on delivering a commercial-grade set of features that our service provider partners could confidently bring to their business customers,” said Dan Kerzner, chief product officer.

“On top of that foundation of integrated security, video, access and energy management, our software engineers are now building enhancements like enterprise access control and enterprise live video. These powerful features, which give larger, multi-site business managers complete visibility and control over their operations, add immediate value to our already differentiated offering.”

Enterprise access control functionality lets subscribers manage and customize employee access for multiple business locations, with sophisticated schedules and permissions, from one centralized dashboard. This new functionality is integrated with’s business security solution, as well as with Z-Wave locks and card readers. Single permissions can be used for access, security and automation with no custom integration work required.

Users can also view, update or revoke employee access across any or all business locations, find access-related events and video footage with ease via integrated activity timelines, view 4 cameras from multiple locations simultaneously and fine remote locations with a keyword search.