Western Digital AI MicroSD leverages 3D NAND technology for high bit rate capture and storage.

WESTERN Digital has released a high bit rate microSD card for designers and manufacturers of AI-enabled security cameras, smart video surveillance and advanced edge devices at ISC West.

Western Digital says that as 4K and higher video resolutions and smart cameras with built-in AI become more common, storage with higher capacity, more intelligence and greater durability is increasingly required – especially vital are high bit rate capture and storage capabilities.

Western Digital says the small form factor storage solution was created to meet the demands of extreme endurance, high capacity and challenging environments for the edge storage to confidently store high-quality video while reducing the need for frequent replacements.

“The complex storage requirements of the growing security camera market are set to push the status quo with modern advanced edge and smart video devices,” says Oded Sagee, senior director, devices, Western Digital. “We are leveraging the power of 3D NAND to ensure no-compromise, primary, on-camera storage for high bit-rate video and advanced functionality for the latest AI-enabled smart cameras.”