DAhua XVR5000

DAHUA Technology has released its new XVR HD-CVI series NVRs, the XVR5000-I/XVR7000-4KL-I, featuring 16-channel SMD Plus AI upgrade.

The series is designed to reduce false-alarm rates and human surveillance costs, bringing great value to customers in search of products with accurate human/vehicle alarm to raise the security level of various indoor and outdoor facilities.

The new SMD Plus adopts independent AI smart chip loaded with new deep-learning algorithm, improving computing power by 10 times. As a result, SMD Plus can recognize moving objects and differentiate human and vehicles to avoid false alarms caused by tree branches, insects, shadows, wind or other environmental factors. Meanwhile can select footage of people or vehicles for playback, reducing search times.

Compared with perimeter protection products that support 2/4 channels, the Dahua SMD plus XVRs support up to 16 channels, suitable for indoor corridor, outdoor park entrance and many other applications. For HDCVI users, just replace a cost-effective back-end product to enjoy HD-over-Coax with advanced AI performance. Besides, through the added real-time tracking box, users can clearly see the detected target on the screen and realize visualized alarm management.

Together with Dahua Active Deterrence Camera, XVR5000-I/XVR7000-4KL-I can target intruders detected by SMD Plus with white light and siren, actively defending the property while saving manpower. Also, alert messages can be remotely sent to the DMSS App installed on the users’ mobile phones which keeps them updated with abnormal situations anytime anywhere.