"When our people interpret data, they see patterns, correlations or solutions that haven’t even been considered."

TELSTRA SNP Monitoring has re-branded as Sapio – The Human Powered Security Company. It’s an interesting choice of name that highlights the company’s future direction – AI fuelled by data sharing via ‘activated’ security solutions.

“At Sapio, we believe that technology has changed our world; as a security company, we embrace it,” says Sapio. “Without Human Intelligence, data is simply an untapped resource. When our people interpret data, they see patterns, correlations or solutions that haven’t even been considered. By teaming sharp human minds with the world’s best technology partners, we can get ahead of threats and problems.

“And if a solution doesn’t exist? We’ll build it. Sapio will harness the power of bright minds to take security technology in your business to the next level; building smarter, intuitive systems to protect and grow with your businesses.”

According to Sapio, the company’s priority remains the same: to protect your business and help it evolve.

“We’ll continue to bring you world-class security solutions, and you’ll be working with the same expert teams,” says Sapio. “There has been no change in management or day-to-day operations of the business. However, as Sapio, we look to partner and deliver empowering insights through unlocking the potential for your electronic security systems. This is the essence of ‘Human Powered Security’ in our business.”

According to Sapio, the business is still partnered with Telstra and will continue to have the Telstra backing and resources – Telstra has been removed from the name and identity to avoid confusion and streamline processes to serve customers better.

“There will be no disruptions to service or day-to-day operations as a result of our rebrand. All scheduled works, maintenance and installations will proceed as usual, Telstra Corporation Ltd remain the Ultimate Holding Company with 51 per cent ownership and all existing contracts remain valid.”