Hanwha's PNM-9320VQP camera from EOS.

HANWA’S PNM-9320VQP camera from EOS combines a 4-sensor multidirectional camera system with a 2MP 32x PTZ camera.

This multi-directional camera can monitor a 360-degree wide area while the PTZ camera zooms in to the desired area for closer inspection and has has built-in 100/1000 SFP slots in its installation base which sends high resolution images to distanced locations through a network without any data damage.

The 2MP 32x PTZ camera features an advanced handover function composed of preset mode and smart zoom mode. When the multi-directional camera detects an event, it automatically links to PTZ camera which carries out zoom-in and track functions. This allows users to create their own monitoring scenarios that fit their needs by using the 2 modes of advanced handover to PTZ function. You can choose a wide variety of lenses from 2.4~12.0mm (2MP camera) to 7.0mm (5MP camera).

Distributor: EOS Australia Pty Ltd
Contact: 61 2 9749 5888