Plenty of surprises at SecTech camera shootout in Melbourne!

SECTECH Camera shootout in Melbourne yesterday suggested that a number of the camera manufacturers have begun to move ahead of the competition, with powerful performances as the lights went down.

There was also plenty of interest in the 180-degree wide angle camera group – the form factor showed it has what it takes to deliver brilliant performance from a single camera point but one camera stood out as offering the highest resolution and the best low light performance.

According to Milestone’s Tas Maniatis, bit rate was clearly a differentiator, with nearly all contenders running H.265 this year. But low light was another point of real interest.

“There’s no doubt that low light performance in colour is improving every year and we saw with the Rotakin that the ability to get performance that includes resistance to motion blur is advancing as well,” Maniatis said.

Sydney people – don’t miss SecTech Camera Shootout at The Venue, 55 Doody St, Alexandria, next Tuesday May 2, kicking off at 3pm. SecTech hits the RICC in Brisbane this Thursday May 9! If you’ve not registered yet do so here – we look forward to seeing you there!